With our trade finance you can fund your international trade transactions through fixed rate and fixed term loans. We can offer trade finance for your business in most major currencies.

You decide the amount and term of finance based on your business requirements. You can control which international transactions or group of transactions you wish to finance, including the currency used and the period of finance, up to a maximum of 180 days.
You can extend the finance term up to 180 days from date of shipment or beginning of the export pre-shipment period. The minimum term is 15 days.

Our import payment solutions are designed to help you have the best working relationship with your overseas suppliers. You receive your goods and your supplier gets paid.

Manage your trading risk by choosing from our range of customer payment options and get flexible trade finance to fund the deal.


When making payments to your overseas supplier, you have a number of options. To choose the right option, you need to consider issues like the type and size of the transaction, how well you know your supplier, how much risk you're willing to assume and how much risk your supplier will take on.

It allows you to specify the payment terms and conditions, documentation to accompany the shipment and deadlines for shipment.
This is a conditional undertaking by SFB to pay your supplier provided they meet the terms and conditions of the Documentary Letter of Credit. It gives the supplier the assurance that they will receive payment and you are able to receive goods securely from international suppliers.
You specify documentation to accompany each shipment. You nominate the deadlines for shipment issued on a 'sight' or 'term' basis: sight means that drafts are drawn for immediate payment, term means that drafts are drawn on a term payment basis - e.g. 30 days after sight, 90 days from bill of lading.
We receive the documents from the seller's bank and check to ensure they comply with the terms and conditions of the credit. The documents will then be released to you for payment of goods. Internationally accepted rules apply as determined by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).